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Manufacturers do extensive testing on their cars and know when and what needs to be inspected and replaced in order to maintain the car.This is done to ensure your safety, that of the other road users and to maintain the car in a roadworthy and efficient condition.

Servicing – why do I need it?

For the safety of all road users and to keep your car in a good working condition that runs well and is fuel efficient.We recommend that you regularly service your car at the intervals described by the car manufacturer.

Servicing – Can I do it?

There are many routine checks and ‘user’ serviceable items as described in the manufacturers handbook that can be done by the enthusiastic owner. If you are not sure what to do or need help, let us know as we do provide guidance and routine maintenance courses.There is a limit to how much can be done by the owner as cars become increasing complex, specialist knowledge, tools and facilities are often required and supplied by our garage.

We offer a range of service options ranging from a full to basic service.Servicing is also often done at the time of an MOT where we can service your car and put it through the MOT (should any repairs or replacements be required, we always contact you for approval before we commence any work).

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